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.Acupuncture Improves Pregnancy Rates in IVF


More news this month confirming that acupuncture improves pregnancy rates in IVF, this comes from a systematic review of many randomized controlled trials. The results indicate that acupuncture, especially around the time of the controlled ovarian hyperstimulation, improves pregnancy outcomes in women undergoing IVF. Click here to read the abstract


Acupuncture Deemed Effective for Arthritis


Arthritis Research UK has conducted a study of recent research to establish which complementary therapies offer benefit to arthritis sufferers. Acupuncture is the main therapy, out of 25, that offers a robust enough evidence base to convince medics that it is helpful to those with arthritis. Interestingly the other therapies that are considered helpful are massage and tai chi, which are therapies that some acupuncturists also employ as both have a basis in traditional Chinese medicine. Click here from more detail from the BBC website.


I have been seeing some amazing results working with people with knee pain, many as a result of arthritis Many of these patients have had knee pain for over 10 years and have found that little helps. Usually after just 6 sessions of acupuncture their symptoms have disappeared or significantly eased to a point which they claim they are untroubled by symptoms.


If you suffer from arthritis pain, in the neck, back or knees, there is now a sufficient enough evidence base for you to feel confident that acupuncture may offer some relief.


Please contact me to discuss how we can help you to feel more pain-free.

Acupuncture can Relieve Breast Cancer Fatigue


A large-scale clinical trial has shown for the first time that acupuncture is effective in treating fatigue in former breast cancer patients. Fatigue affects hundreds of thousands of former cancer patients in the UK following their treatment, making it a huge health concern.    


The three-year British trial showed acupuncture had across-the-board benefits, alleviating both mental and physical fatigue and improving overall quality of life. The trial, led by the University of Manchester, was carried out on over 300 patients and conducted at ten hospitals and support centres across the country.


Fatigue affects up to 40% of former breast cancer patients, with few recognised treatments available. It can have a severe impact on quality of life, with mental and physical fatigue causing a range of problems from depression and memory loss to a severe lack of energy. These symptoms can in turn mean sufferers are unable to return to work, participate in social activities or even enjoy watching the television.


Professor Alex Molassiotis, from the University of Manchester, who led the trial said: “Fatigue is a blight on the lives of thousands of former cancer patients and this trial proves acupuncture can help them. We were delighted to see so many patients getting substantial benefit from this treatment, particularly as they currently have limited options available.


Julie Wray, 55, a mother-of-two from Cheadle, Cheshire, benefited from the acupuncture treatment after suffering fatigue as a result of her breast cancer treatment in 2006.


Mrs Wray, a nursing lecturer at the University of Salford, said: “The fatigue from my breast cancer treatment was so bad simply driving to work left me exhausted. It got to the point that I thought I would have to give up my job. But receiving acupuncture treatment allowed me to get my old life back. Now I hope other women can benefit from acupuncture following this research.”

Pop star and  actress Toyah Willcox has recenty started having regular acupuncture treatment for insomnia a condition that has troubled her since teenage years. Previously, in her 30's, she had used acupuncture for pain relief for a hip problem, including post operative pain. Here she tells us why she chose acupuncture to help with her insomnia and how her sleep is thankfully improving.

Acupuncture Helps with Insomnia